January 13, 2011

Start thinking about parents' future financial affairs

Everyone is the age of their heart. ~Guatemalan Proverb If you're a baby boomer, you probably have already had the “birds and bees” talks with all […]
January 6, 2011

Birthday thoughts through the decades of life

All these days that came and went.  I didn’t know that it was life. — Swedish proverb Friend and mentor Mark Merenda, CEO of Smart Marketing, […]
December 30, 2010

Check out as many benefits as possible

Blessed is the man who can enjoy the small things, the common beauties, the little day-by-day events; sunshine on the fields, birds on the bough, breakfast, […]
December 23, 2010

Holidays are filled with glorious, but also sobering memories

What a joy (is music). At least the Mozart efforts, when the war is on and the dog is sick and God only knows where the […]