Sinai Hospital’s Driver Evaluation and Training Program

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Sinai Hospital’s Driver Evaluation and Training Program

One of the questions I’m asked most frequently is, “How can I get mom (or dad or husband, etc.) to stop driving?  I feel they are not safe on the road, but they feel very strongly that they are, and resent my interference.”

Oops.  Complicated.  Driving symbolizes not only convenience, but freedom and independence.

There are many answers to that question.  A single answer does not work for every family. When my mom was unsafe in driving the car, it created a very difficult situation for our family. Here are some things that we tried with my mom:

  1. Get the Doctor to say it. Well, she refused to continue to see a Doctor she had known, loved and trusted since we moved to Bowie in the early 60’s. When he told her she should not be driving anymore, I got her seated in my car to return home and she told me in no uncertain terms that she was changing Doctors!  And she did . . .  it was amazing to me.
  1. Clearly Option #1 did not work. So I tried saying something like this:  “Mom, here’s how I’ve planned to know when I should stop driving.  See what you think about it.  When my husband, my son and my daughter sincerely and completely agree that I should not be driving and they get together to tell me so, I will turn over my keys and look for alternate transportation.  Her response was this:  “I do not need something like that, because I myself will know when I should stop driving.”
  1. Option #2 did not work either. So I tried recommending public transportation. Mom steadfastly refused to try public transportation of any kind. Today, I think she would really love UBER. But, we were dealing with this question back in the late 90’s.

As you can see, getting a loved one to recognize their ability to drive (or lack thereof) can be very difficult. For that reason, I want to share with you a service that is available to those having this very difficult conversation with a loved one.

Do you know about Sinai Hospital’s Driver Evaluation and Training Program? It is a program approved by the State of Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration and is qualified to evaluate individuals for the MVA’s Low Vision Program.  Driving evaluations and training are completed by licensed occupational therapists who are also driver rehabilitation specialists.

For more information, click this link:

There is an explanatory, information video on that page. Ask questions and schedule an appointment by calling 410-601-7360.

If readers would like to send in information regarding similar types of programs, please send the information to:

From time to time, we hear that someone gave up their car keys voluntarily.  I commend them.  In most cases, I do not know the reason they took this wise step. Perhaps they scared themselves one time too many. Perhaps they couldn’t remember directions to a place they’ve been many times.  Nevertheless, in most cases, they have made a wise decision. May you and your loved ones continue to pursue wise decisions.

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