I think that if you find someone like an independent seamstress

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March 24, 2012
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April 3, 2012
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I think that if you find someone like an independent seamstress

Check weekly for new merchandise. They also have Swan Creek Candles. For more information, call Laura Goodman at 361 946 1029 or Nora Warnke at 512 581 2629.. I think that if you find someone like an independent seamstress, you may find that she will be able to do a good repair for $30. If not, I definitely think you should try to appeal the Coach board (!!! whoever heard of such a thing?) decision if they hold their product in such high regard that they cannot bear to replace a zipper if they can do it perfectly, then they should also realize that the amount that they are offering you is a pittance for having to replace such a high quality bag. At bare minimum, if the zipper was defective, they should replace the bag with one of equal value and comparable style (based on what the CURRENT value would be, not based on what it retailed for however many years ago)..

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