It all comes from the ancient mythology of our glorious youth

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May 23, 2012
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May 26, 2012
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It all comes from the ancient mythology of our glorious youth

helmut deutsch and eric schneider

Far fetched? Chanel managed to transform jersey a material previously used for men’s underwear into clothing that came to encapsulate the Twenties’ idea of modern luxury. Of course, it was modern mostly because it broke with the past, with the Belle poque notion of a woman corseted and encrusted with embroidery. I couldn’t help but think of fashion’s current love of exotic skins, the surfeit of crocodile and mink, set against the Peta campaigned fake fur and slithery synthetics of the early Nineties..

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Replica Prada In an ageing population where a lucky subset of the younger old is fit, active and rich still competing, still playing marketing has taken its time to acknowledge those new markets Prada Bags Replica, and to target them. The culture of British marketing and advertising people remains hopelessly, slavishly chained to a completely outdated idea of youth as monopolising new ideas and new media platforms. It all comes from the ancient mythology of our glorious youth culture. Replica Prada

It’s not as paradoxical as it seems. For big brands, pre collection shows make economic sense. Vuitton’s Burke couched it in the creative: in Paris, he said, Louis Vuitton have 15 minutes in a crowded schedule to tell their “story”. Mr. Carlo Mazzi has been appointed as Executive Chairperson of the Board of Prada SpA., with effect from February 14, 2014. He was appointed to the Board first in 2004 and was re elected as Executive Director on May 22, 2012.

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