“My brother called me and it was shock, disbelief

Hang upside down by bending the end of the wire over a hanger
May 14, 2012
Soccer bean bags are in patches of black and white
May 18, 2012
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“My brother called me and it was shock, disbelief

Her loss is incomprehensible, and we ask for prayers for her family, her co workers, her church and this entire community as we come together to face this tragic loss.”To honor our co worker and all those lost, Charleston County Public Library’s 16 locations are closed today, Thursday, June 18, 2015.”Tywanza SandersTywanza Sanders has been reported as the third victim. Sanders reportedly worked at Smitty’s Super Seven Barber in Charleston.”I’ve been up all night,” Michele Gray said of learning her best friend, Tywanza Sanders, was killed in the deadly rampage. “My brother called me and it was shock, disbelief.

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