There are valid ethical reasons to allow an eating disordered

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February 2, 2013
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February 3, 2013
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There are valid ethical reasons to allow an eating disordered

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Christian Louboutin Sale Exercise is a compensatory behaviour used by the person in order to burn stored fats and calories ingested through food and drink.5The participation of people with eating disorders in sports and exercise is an increasingly sensitive issue for exercise professionals, because of the spread of the disorder and the high rate of participation of eating disordered people in exercise.There are neither legislative nor professional standards to guide fitness and sports trainers in the decision as to whether to allow the eating disordered participant to take part in their class/activity.There are valid ethical reasons to allow an eating disordered person to participate in exercise and sport.These ethical reasons may be based both on the principle of respect for people’s autonomy and on the principle of beneficence.Despite these ethical reasons, there is no ethical obligation to allow a person with eating disorders to take part in exercise and sport.While accepting a person who is unfit for a type of sport/physical activity can be seen in some circumstances, as a supererogatory act such an act cannot be considered as an ethical obligation.Exercise is essential to weight loss/containment programmes, not only as it allows “calories and fat burning”, but also because it alters body composition, appetite, and basal metabolism.6 Aerobic exercise is particularly relevant, as aerobic energy production utilises both carbohydrates and fats, and stored fats can only be burned through aerobic exercise.7Typically, people with anorexia will choose moderate to vigorous exercise Replica Christian Louboutin, most commonly running, swimming, and callisthenics,8 including ETM classes.9Although some people may mistakenly believe that these activities are “moderate” or “inherently safe” and that they “will do no harm”, the risks associated with exercising with abnormal eating regimes may be very serious.10The first important consequences of excessive reduction of body weight11 and of exercising in a state of malnutrition is loss of muscle mass and therefore debilitation. The malnourished person who takes exercise will in fact use up muscles to provide the fuel that cannot be provided by food or stored fats.12A second consequence of low body weight is amenorrhoea. The lack of oestrogens linked to absence of menstrual periods causes bone thinning, even in the presence of hormone replacement (Mickley,12 p 47) This increases risks of fracture during exercise (Jack,8 p 309) and long term danger of osteoporosis.13 15The effects of poor nourishment on the heart are particularly worrisome for the exercise instructor: the heart diminishes in size Christian Louboutin Replica Replica Christian Louboutin, as does any other muscle in the body, and becomes weaker Christian Louboutin Sale.

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