Debt and Judgment Collection

If you are not receiving payments from your tenants, customers, or clients, you may need professional assistance from attorneys who can����help you obtain monetary judgments in accordance with the law. As obtaining a judgment and collecting it are very different activities, you may also need the assistance of a lawyer to collect a judgment whether through a wage garnishment, lien, or garnishment of bank accounts and other property.

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Protection from Debt Collectors

If you are having trouble with overbearing and unfair debt collectors, we are here to help you. Congess enacted the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to��protect consumers from illegal harassment by those willing to break the law in an attmept to collect an alleged debt. Creditors who have acted illegally can be subject to fines for each incident of harassment. Our attorneys at Byrd & Byrd can help you achieve peace of mind when creditors are breaking the law to harass you.

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