A Power of Attorney is a document that enables someone to act on your behalf, either for health care or financial purposes. We can prepare powers of attorney that allow someone you trust and select to handle your health care or finances, either immediately or in the event you cannot do so in the future. A power of attorney can be a useful tool to avoid the need for a guardian of a disabled adult.

Maryland Statutory Powers of Attorney

The Maryland Legislature passed laws creating financial and health care powers of attorney to allow a person to perform a wide range of legal acts for another. Although they are not as comprehensive as powers of attorney documents that a lawyer will help you draft, they are an option that might satisfy your legal needs.

Advance Medical Directives

Advance Medical Directives, often called “living wills”, direct your doctors on how to care for you if you are no longer competent or capable of making medical decisions. They are often used when you are terminally ill, comatose, or in a vegetative state and want to instruct your doctors on their use of pain medication or withdrawal of life support.