Bike riding is a common leisure activity and method of transportation in Maryland and Washington D.C. Unfortunately, many motorists are unaware of the rules regarding bike riders on the road. This and this can lead to accidents involving serious injuries.

Having an experienced lawyer by your side can mean receiving the compensation you deserve for your injuries when:

  • A motorist fails to yield to a bicyclist
  • A motorist turns or merges into the path of a bicyclist
  • A motorist drives through an intersection
  • A motorist overtakes a bicyclist
  • A motorist drives out of an alley or driveway without seeing the bicyclist

Bike accidents account for many traffic related injuries and fatalities every year. Injuries incurred by a bike wreck can have life altering effects including permanent physical and mental damage that inhibits your ability to work and enjoy all the activities that you previously enjoyed. While there is no replacement for good health, money can help aid in the recovery of losses brought about by a bike accident.

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