Property owners have a duty to protect people from dangerous conditions on their property and to use reasonable care to see that those portions of the property are safe.

Examples of some defects which may result in a personal injury claims include:

  • snow or ice which is not properly removed or treated
  • liquid from a leak or spill
  • a rug, cord or other object which creates a hazard in a walkway or path
  • water from cleaning the floors for which there are inadequate warnings
  • defective pavement or steps which cause a fall

Depending on a visitor’s status, tresspasser, licensee, or invitee to the property, a property owner has different levels of duties to a visitor to warn and protect them. While there is no duty to warn of open and obvious defects on a property, if a visitor’s conduct was not unreasonable, the property owner may be liable for their negligence if it causes an injury.

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