DocuBank® is a service that provides instant access to your vital documents when they are needed most. There are two services provided by Byrd & Byrd through your Docubank membership:

The Emergency Card

Docubank Emergency Card

With your Docubank membership, your Health Care Power of Attorney is stored with Docubank. You will receive a personalized Emergency Card that makes all your emergency information available in two convenient ways.

  1. By Phone: hospitals call 1-800-DOCUBANK and your information is faxed directly to them.
  2. By Computer: hospitals visit and can view and print your documents immediately.

Docubank SAFE

DocuBank SAFE is a complimentary part of your membership. Docubank SAFE establishes an encrypted SAFE password that allows you to upload documents immediately from your personal computer.  Memberships include 2 GB of SAFE storage FREE.