She chaired Columbia’s Advisory Committee on Socially

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June 9, 2012
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June 14, 2012
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She chaired Columbia’s Advisory Committee on Socially

When Lue had a house in Las Vegas, James used to hang out there. In 2007, when Lue played for Atlanta, he had difficulty arranging his schedule to play in a Husker basketball golf tournament. James provided a private jet to fly Lue from watching an NBA playoff game to Lincoln for a day and then back to Cleveland for another playoff game..

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How bad is Winnipeg’s offence? Well, Argos slotback Andre Durie has 566 yards after the catch. The Bombers top receiver is Clarence Denmark, who has 560 receiving yards. The Roughriders on Tuesday added defensive back Rod Williams, who left the Eskimos in the off season to try out with the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings, but didn’t make the cut.

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